Daniel Petry And Gabriel Kuhl: Games are for the most part charming to play, but with the presence of online games, things have changed a great deal. While it might be a wellspring of bliss for some, it could in like manner turn out to be risky for others. 

Gabriel Kuhl has a spot with the last class. The young fellow encountered a sickening downfall after his fellow gaming accessory killed him savagely. In light of everything, people routinely call it a Daniel Petry And Gabriel Kuhl case! In spite of the way that it has recently been a really long time since the episode happened, there are at this point unanswered requests. 

The crime case chills down the spines of millions even today, yet people moreover make up of the imprudence that persisted for quite a while. For sure, the world is at this point curious about the whereabouts of Kuhl’s killer. What has been the deal with him? Where might he at any point at present be? Such inquiries are still to track down a significant arrangement. Permit us to have a more basic look!

Daniel Petry And Gabriel Kuhl Case: From Where Do They Belong?

Gabriel Kuhn purportedly lived in St Scratch Catarina, Brazil, and cultivated an interest for PC games very from the get-go. His enlightening establishment or family nuances have never been revealed. Regardless, how he was seriously killed by one of his dear partners, Daniel Petry, would anyway give you startling goosebumps. Incredibly, Gabriel was only 12 when Petry killed him. 

On the other hand, the last choice lived in his space, and the two became partners over an electronic game, Tibia. Petry was brought into the world in 1991 and was reliably a powerful young person who partook in a few wild exhibits. As demonstrated by the reports, his bad tempered nature and defiant direct moreover drove him to look for mental medicines. 

This, but there were in like manner times when Daniel used to take off from school. Regardless, the typical interest of Gabriel and Daniel in the electronic game made them buddies. You will be staggered to understand that Petry was only sixteen when he killed his gaming assistant. 

It is from there on out, the dangerous results of web games have begun raising the temperature of the world. For sure, it has been more than a long time since Daniel Petry And Gabriel Kuhl case happened. Nonetheless, it feels so horrible and astounding even today!

What Actually Is The Daniel Petry And Gabriel Kuhl Case?

Before hopping into the particular nuances, let us alert you of the horrible criminal demonstration perpetrated by Daniel Petry. In 2007, the two youngsters took pleasure in playing Tibia with each other and transformed into a piece of the gaming neighborhood. By and by, since Daniel and Gabriel lived in a comparable region, their cooperation cut out a potential open door to create. 

In any case, sooner or later, the 12-year-old’s body was found covered in blood with various cut flaws on it. The clarification for this most examined murder case was truly 20,000 Tibia’s money, which by and large aggregates to $1.75. It was a kind of mechanized cash used in the electronic game to get a couple of sways and various requirements. 

Kuhl gained the money from Petry anyway denied bringing it back. The past was reluctant to banter with the 16-year-old and hence got confined from each electronic association. This was the avocation for why Daniel was perplexed, and his inconvenience reached the sky. Since he recently had a strong nature and lead, Daniel couldn’t manage the refusal. 

He went to Gabriel’s home and gone into his room. In any case, before doing thusly, Petry called his mother at 9:30 AM upon the appearance of the bad behavior to know the particular timing of her appearance. Further, directly following going into Kuhl’s room, Daniel locked the doorway and pursued him. 

Directly following beating the more energetic youngster for quite a while, he started mistreating him truly. Honestly, the Daniel Petry And Gabriel Kuhl case reports say that Gabriel Kuhl was truly attacked, and he could sit idle yet persevere.

Daniel Sliced The Victim’s Body!

Later on, the 16-year-old decided to kill Gabriel, consequently he raised a couple of electrical ropes. He really collapsed them over Kuhl’s neck and gagged him until the youngster couldn’t breathe in and became unmoving. Regardless, the Daniel Petry And Gabriel Kuhl case didn’t stop there. The past expected to disguise the body, and consequently, he found a little space where he could put it. 

Additionally, what Daniel did next is absolutely horrible! He found a saw and began slicing the dead body to lessen its size with the objective that Daniel could place it in the little incomplete pipes space. Nevertheless, as he was doing accordingly, Gabriel stirred and yelled boisterously! Regardless, the yell didn’t go probably as a free for all element for the killer. 

In actuality, Daniel was oddly content with such sounds, and this fascinated him to continue to cut Gabriel’s body into cuts. In light of everything, even following doing accordingly, the dead body couldn’t be full in the space. So the 16-year-old decided to leave the body as it was, yet he attempted to make Tibia pictures in it. 

Quickly resulting to killing Gabriel, Petry took off from the area. After some time, the setback’s kin got back and found Kuhl’s body lying on the floor. He aggregated neighbors for help, and a short time later the police appeared at the wrongdoing area, as such fixing the entire district.

Daniel Petry And Gabriel Kuhl Case: Was The Killer Taken Into Arrest?

In a little while, the cop found the entire electronic dispute between the teenagers concerning the Tibia money related structures. Daniel Petry was in the end taken into catch. Nevertheless, not the least bit like different criminals, he conceded to having killed Gabriel. This, but he moreover gave bits of knowledge concerning every single exhibition with no obligation. 

At last, wrapping up his words, the executioner faulted the loss for being a scoundrel who misled and conned him. Later on, Kuhl’s posthumous assessment report certified that the 16-year-old genuinely ignored him. 

Along these lines, the police asked concerning whether he sought after a gay course, to which he answered strongly. The youngster denied being so and didn’t examine this reality much. After the Daniel Petry And Gabriel Kuhl case grew notable in the world, everyone mentioned value. 

Honestly, the story included public thought in Brazil, and the public required a main decision from the lawful leader. Nevertheless, Daniel Petry didn’t encounter a great deal, sadly, even following executing a stunning bad behavior. 

The 16-year-old was charged as a minor, and as a discipline, the court revealed him to copy through three years in a juvenile supportive office. According to the media report, Petry was liberated from the young adult camp in 2010 following doing three years of jail discipline.

Where Is Daniel Petry Now?

It is since his life as a young person that Daniel Petry has made unpleasant tendencies. Truly, his people have helped him away for mental tests, yet the youngster by and large halted his treatment. Actually, Kuhl’s executioner might have managed without going to subject matter experts and, shockingly, made tremendous disdain for them. 

The 16-year-old in like manner quit going to class anyway found his comfort in playing Tibia. Daniel even associated with other individual web based players, thusly spreading out a distant friendship with them. Consequently, the Daniel Petry And Gabriel Kuhl case never procured any movements him. 

Talking about his continuous whereabouts, Daniel Petry has disappeared directly following completing his juvenile constrainment in 2010. He has stopped arising before the normal people, as such disguising his continuous character and region. This is the inspiration driving why there are a couple of speculative theories about his world. 

Numerous people acknowledge that Daniel might be living subtly in Brazil by embracing one more character and business way (considering the Reddit post). Other than this, a particular people ensures that the obligation of killing Gabriel would have made him end his own life. 

Also, a couple netizens suggest that the culprit could have gotten away from the country and might be living in elsewhere. As of now, what’s world? For sure, the disappearing is at this point confidential and a weird puzzle that doesn’t seem to get a reaction soon!


  1. Gabriel Kuhl was a young boy from St. Nick Catarina, Brazil, who developed an early interest in computer games.
  2. Daniel Petry, born in 1991, was a fellow gamer who became friends with Gabriel over the online game Tibia.
  3. Gabriel was only 12 years old when he was brutally killed by Daniel, who was 16 at the time.
  4. The motive behind the murder was a dispute over 20,000 Tibia’s in-game currency, equivalent to $1.75.
  5. Daniel’s aggressive nature and rebellious behavior, coupled with his obsession with the game, contributed to the tragic outcome.
  6. After killing Gabriel, Daniel attempted to conceal the crime by dismembering the body and leaving it in a small space.
  7. Daniel was arrested and confessed to the murder, but he was charged as a minor and sentenced to three years in a juvenile correctional facility.
  8. Despite completing his sentence, Daniel’s whereabouts remain unknown, sparking speculation about his current identity and location.


The Daniel Petry and Gabriel Kuhl case revolves around the tragic murder of Gabriel Kuhl by his gaming partner, Daniel Petry. Gabriel, a young boy from Brazil, was killed by Daniel over a dispute involving in-game currency from the online game Tibia. Daniel’s aggressive behavior and obsession with the game led to a violent altercation, resulting in Gabriel’s death. Despite being convicted and serving time in a juvenile facility, Daniel’s current whereabouts remain a mystery.


What was the motive behind Gabriel Kuhl’s murder?

The murder was triggered by a dispute over in-game currency from the online game Tibia.

How old were Daniel Petry and Gabriel Kuhl at the time of the incident?

Gabriel was 12 years old, while Daniel was 16 years old.

What was Daniel Petry’s punishment for the murder?

Daniel was charged as a minor and sentenced to three years in a juvenile correctional facility.

What happened to Daniel Petry after serving his sentence?

Daniel’s current whereabouts are unknown, leading to speculation about his identity and location.

How did the Daniel Petry and Gabriel Kuhl case gain public attention?

The case garnered public attention in Brazil and raised concerns about the dangers of online gaming and unchecked aggression.

Is there any update on the investigation into Gabriel Kuhl’s murder?

As of now, there have been no significant updates on the investigation, and Daniel Petry’s whereabouts remain unknown.

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